Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Kyra Barclay
May, 6th, 2019
3rd period

Senior Sessions:

I picked this photo because I like how in focus it is on his face and features. I also like his pose it makes him look masculine like and also the colors complimenting and going with the background.  
 I picked this picture because of her pose and the background around her. I like the photo because it has great focus and her smile helps complete it. I also like how it makes her pop out more, more attention on her rather than the background.
 I picked this photo because i felt it was different then the others I took of the models. I like it because she is holding up her college choice and the stairs in the background give the picture direction and overall the picture is well focused and not overexposed.
 I picked this picture because I felt the lines and colors in the picture complimented Kyle along with his cap and gown. I like that the colors go together and don't look like its too much going on in the picture. 
 I picked this photo because it shows the entirety of his body and the pose is nice. I like that the background compliments his frame and isn't overexposed.
 I picked this photo because the pose is unique compared to others. I like how all of the colors pop out and compliment each other where its not to distracting and how it is cropped with no just dead space. 
I picked this picture because I felt the pose and the perspective I chose to take the picture from was really different. I liked that the picture was more focused on the tassel with the face blurred in a way.
I chose this image because I like how the picture is brighter and more focused on her and the background is darker. How the flowers in the background sit in the background. 
I picked this picture because I liked the balloon idea and how he is in the middle of them. 
I chose this picture because the pose and the background complimenting the overall picture as a whole.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Nature blog

Kyra Barclay
April,1, 2019

Nature Field trip:

 Title: Light Flower
I like this photo because it shows the vibrant color of the flower and how the natural sunlight does the picture justice. The focus on the picture is centered in on the flower to the right of the photo while the rest of the background is blurred out where it isn't distracting or making the photo look busy. I didn't have to edit or do any touches to the photo.
 Title: Macro 
I like this photo and decided to take this photo because of the gloomy like lighting or weather that it was outside that made the background darker. I used a macro lens to focus more on the leaves detail in lining pattern on each leaf. Also the green pops out more when there is a darker background. It gives off a calm feeling when you look at it.

 Title: Sunlight 
I like how I was able to catch the sunlight beams in the picture that makes it different from just taking a picture of some flowers. It also shines through the flower pedals in certain areas which makes your attention go to it. But overall the picture is not so sharp but is very pleasing to the eyes and not to distracting and busy.
I like this picture because it catches the elements of the lines of the plant. It could be brighter like maybe bringing up my ISO or exposure and also made the green brighter with some highlights but overall I like the symmetry of the picture and the point of view it was taken from.
 Title: Green Leaf
I like this photo because it captures the detail and lining along with the color of the leaf and it also highlights the raindrops on the leaf. It shows the difference of lights and dark and contrast of the photo itself. Also the focus is clearly on one subject and the photo isn't over exposed. 
I like this picture because it also shows detail and has great focus on the plant. It is not over exposed and its not to busy of a picture.
Title: The duck
I like this picture because it captures the bird in its natural habitat and has great focus on the bird. I like how all the colors of the bird to the water in the background compliment each other. I think I could've brighten up the background a little more.
I like this picture because it captures the landscape of the Japanese gardens perfectly. I used the wide lens and besides the people in the picture I think the picture is not over exposed or distracting, everything kind of just blends in with each other. My opinion I could've captured a better landscape picture. 
Title: Yellow
I like this picture because the sunlight shines down onto the leaf showing detail and makes the yellow color pop out more. The rocks in the background that look black compliments the pic and brings more attention to the leaf. 
Title: Tree Bark
I like this picture because it shows the texture and sharpness and focus of the photo. The main focus is the tree with some of the sunlight peaking through and the leaves of the tree in the background.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Friendship/ Love:

When taking this picture I wanted it to symbolize and give off the feeling of friendship, happiness, and love. In my life I have a lot of people who care for me and support me and helps me get through obstacles, learn lessons, etc. So in this picture I took photos of my friends enjoying there time together and laughing enjoying each others presence. 

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Kyra Barclay
3rd period

In my album cover I didn't really have a said idea at first but this is the outcome. I used four pictures in total. I used a picture of myself, a classmates hands holding the crystal ball, bokeh background, and picture of the sky I took at the beach. I first took my picture of the bokeh lights and created multiple layers to fill the entire background and then merged them all together into one picture. Then I cut the background from the hands and lowered the exposure due to how over exposed the hands were before from the sunlight. Then I free transformed it into the shape of the crystal ball and turned down the opacity on the image so it wouldn't be as distracting to the rest of image. Afterwards I also cut out a picture of myself and placed it in the ball and turned the opacity so it wouldn't be as prominent taking away from the rest of the picture. Also on the layer of the sky I used the lighten blending mode which kind of gave it the pink tint in the ball. Also used a blur kind of tool to smooth the edges of the hand around the bokeh so it could look as one. Lastly I added the American Typewriter text to the title and other words on the album cover.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Kyra Barclay
October,31, 2018
3rd period

I learned that as a photographer myself that I do better with capturing images with agriculture and nature. I have improved with creativity and skill. I think the photo evaluation and editing was a pretty easy process.

      Category: Agriculture
I picked to upload this photo because I feel the strongest point is the colors and detail captured in the photo.
Category: Open Book
I picked this picture because I feel its strongest point is the focus of the picture through the crystal ball.
Category: Agriculture
This picture strongest point is the angle I took the picture from with the flag and building in the background.
Category: Agriculture
The strongest point in this photo is the colors popping out grabbing attention of viewer, such as the green, and the photo is not to distracting.
 Category: Nature
The strongest point of this photo is how the sun beam is captured in the photo through the flower. It does'nt become a distraction and mess up the whole photo.
 Category: Still Life
The strong points of this photo is the focus on one of the objects and blurry background. Also the perfect amount of lighting and its not to bright through the hole.
Category: Time Exposure
The strong point in this photo is the different colors that were able to be captured in the photo. Also how the whole image is reflected and captured through the crystal ball.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

What i got from photography was more experience and how to actually use a camera to the different modes, exposures, balances, etc to improve my photo taking. I also learned that when taking pictures you can capture many different things that can be seen or interpreted in many perspectives. Another thing I got from photography is paying attention to details such as textures, people, buildings, etc. I think my work has grown tremendously. I started off with little experience with a canon camera and how to take pictures and edit in the light room to make my pictures more eye catching. Also learning to focus the camera in the right places. The advice I have for photographers next year is to take your time, always remember to play around with things until you like the way it looks, because sometimes things do not work out the way you wanted to and you might get frustrated at times. Also that you should  remember to use perspectives.

What I like best about this photo is how the sunlight shines through the pedals of the flowers and also how the sunlight beams are captured in the photo along with the focus.

I like he focus I used in this photo its points out all of the details in the photo to the leaves to the cutting off of the tree trunk.

I like the perspective that is used in this photo with the little figures through the paper towel roll, with the focus and lighting through the camera.

I like the pop of color of the flowers in this photo it brings more attention to the photo along with the focus that is being used.

I like the many different techniques and colors that were used in this photo such as the blending of colors on top left section and the sketch kind of affect in the bottom left section.

I like the moment that was caught and the exposure that I took down and the colors I put into the picture to bring more attention to it. 

I like all the different layers that are used in this photo to make one photo that looks realistic and the blending mode I used to have the picture with the hombre look.